SENWOT NELLA MEDIA is an independent film company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Fondly referred to as 'SN Media', Senwot Nella Media, penetrated the broadcast industry in 2001. SN Media is comprised of Sewot Nella Productions, which creates corporate electronic media kits, commercials, music videos, etc; Senwot Nella Music, which produces film scores, beddings, jingles, etc; Senwot Nella Films, which creates television show/series, documentaries, motion pictures, and the non-profit arm, SN Miracles Foundation, which provides assistance and financial support to charitable organization. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit with us at SENWOT NELLA MEDIA commonly referred to as SNMeda. We are an American based independent production company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. SNM is the parent company of subsidiaries SENWOT NELLA FILMS (SNF) and SENWOT NELLA SOUNDS (SNS) . We anticipate you'll find our sites to be interesting and informative and we believe you'll garner a sense of our unique position in the emerging arena of independent film development. Created May 1998, the company officially launched and began production of its first broadcast October 15, 2001. In July of 2008 the company underwent a major reorganization to maximize its position in the broadcast/motion picture industry.

Founded by Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen, who's last names spelled backwards gives title to the company's unique name; Maurice Townes (Senwot) holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer & Vice President of Films, Kevin F. Allen (Nella) holds the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Shannon L. Crawford aka Hollywood Kid joined the firm in April 2012 as Vice President of Sounds. Their corporate America background collectively includes Fortune 500 companies such as, IBM, Norrell and Oglethorpe Power Corporation, as well as, several branches of the Federal Government. This foundation prepared them for the large-scale motion picture and television projects they create today.


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